Discovering Your Potential

Studies have shown that humans use only 10% of their potential. That is 90% of their potential going to waste.

God gave every one of us a talent that he expects us to use to our fullest potential. Jesus relates to us the parable of the talents where a master gave three of his servants talents each according to his ability. The first two doubled their talents while the last one buried his. The master commended the two servants for investing their talents wisely and gave them more responsibilities. However, he was very upset with the servant who did nothing with his talent and preferred to bury it. The master took away the talent and gave it to one of the other servants (Matthew 25:14-30)

We have a responsibility to God and to our fellow human beings to use our talents; to fulfill our potential. Sometimes we even allow previous achievements to prevent us from using our potential to its fullest. When we have achieved something in our life that is one potential complete. However, there are many more to be discovered. Sometimes we also focus on what we cannot do, and allow this to deter us from what we can do.

What is Potential?

So what is potential? The Macmillan dictionary defines potential as “the possibility to develop or achieve something in the future.” Therefore, potential is all your untapped talents and hidden capabilities. It is not what you have already accomplished but what you have inside you that is not yet unleashed.

The late Dr. Myles Munroe said that potential has no retirement plan. There are many more things you can accomplish in this short lifetime.  When you have succeeded in one goal, it is now time to move onto the next. Never be satisfied with what you have accomplished now, but keep setting goals and following your dreams.

God is the Source of our Potential

God is the source of all life. In Genesis we read how God created everything from the heavens to the seas, flora and fauna, the animals and humans.  God would have visualized all this in His mind before he created them.  And after visualizing He took action.

So we must too. Because we are made in the image of God, he expects us to do the same.  Everything that exists in the world today started as someone’s vision.  But they didn’t keep it to themselves, they took action and made it happen.  All the technology we have today started as someone’s vision.  And then someone else found a way to improve on it.  The world has advanced the way it has because of somebody’s vision which they took action on.

God is continuing his creation through us. He gives us the ideas and he expects us to carry them out. So many people in this world have ideas and images in their minds that they refuse to make a reality. But because God is omnipotent – all powerful – it is with his power that we can fulfill our potential.  We too were made to be omnipotent. We have enough power in us to carry out all the ideas God has given us in our minds.

The Enemy Destroyed the Real You

When God originally created man, he created him to be just like God; to think like Him and have a personal relationship with Him. In other words we were connected to Him.  But when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating of the forbidden fruit, our connection to Him and our full potential was destroyed. While there are many people who have made good use of their potential like Einstein and Mozart, the majority of humanity do not see themselves as worthy.  The enemy by his deception has convinced humanity that they are worthless human beings.

Since Satan introduced shame to Adam and Eve by showing them their nakedness, we have seen ourselves in a negative light. He is responsible for taking away our self-esteem.  We don’t love ourselves, we find things we don’t like about ourselves and compare ourselves to others.  We feel because we don’t look a particular way or we are not as intelligent as someone else, we are inferior. I Corinthians 1:19-20

Satan also destroyed our connection to God. The exposure to nakedness also allowed them to see things differently.  They were no longer guided by the Spirit of God, but started to think for themselves.  Knowledge took own a whole new meaning and no longer came from God, but from outside intelligence. What we now call formal education.

That relationship we lost with God and the replacement with outside intelligence are responsible for limiting our potential. Our education system defines our intelligence telling us that if we don’t make certain grades or pass certain subjects or programs then we are failures. We are compared to others and because we are not intelligent as the next person, we are stupid and won’t amount to anything.  All this destroys our self-confidence because we feel we are not good enough and believe this lie that stunts us from fulfilling our life purpose.

Our Potential is Revealed through the Holy Spirit

God has revealed what he has in store for us through His Holy Spirit. (I Cor. 2:9-10).

I Corinthians 2:9-10

If we could have seen with our own eyes, heard with our own ears, and imagined in our own minds what God has in store for us, everyone would be living their potential.

We can only fulfil our true potential through God’s Holy Spirit because without it our potential will remain dormant. As Christians, we should be fulfilling our potential because we have God’s Holy Spirit. But because we feel guilty for our past mistakes, because of our imperfections, and because we believe the lies other people tell us about ourselves, we have stunted our growth.  We have to seek forgiveness, and remove the negative thoughts in our minds to allow the Holy Spirit to do its work of fulfilling our potential.  All that you can be comes from within you, from your spirit, where all the answers as to why God created you lies.

Jesus is our Connection to God and the Holy Spirit

The good news is Jesus came to free us from Satan’s deception. He said He came to give us life in all its fullness (John 10:10, NLT). This can only happen when we reconnect to God through Him.  With that connection we can begin to reveal our true self.  Everything Satan took away from us in the Garden of Eden, Jesus came to restore.  He told us anything is possible if we believe (Mark 9:23).

But to reveal our true self and unleash our potential, we must leave sin behind. We must ask for forgiveness for the things we know we are doing wrong and begin to turn over a new leaf.  That’s where it starts, and through Jesus a new door will be opened to new opportunities and to a whole new life full of potential.


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