Water – Your Best Friend in Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, water is your best friend. Not just because it quenches your thirst after a good workout, but because it contains absolutely no calories.

I am sure you have heard that you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, which works out to almost 2 litres of water depending on the size of glass you’re using.  Or that you should be drinking half your body weight in water.  So if you are 150 pounds, that would be 75 ounces of water, which is roughly 2.2 litres. In fact, I have read that women alone should be drinking 2.7 litres of water per day.

As daunting as this might be, the good news though, is that you don’t really need to drink an entire two liter bottle of water every day. A lot of water is contained in the fruits and vegetables you should be eating on a daily basis anyway. Therefore what you really need is two liters of liquid every day.

There are a lot of high content fruit and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelon, oranges and grapefruit, that should be a part of your daily diet. Even tea and coffee can be considered as part of your daily liquid intake, once you drink them without milk and sugar.

One other benefit you get from drinking water is beautiful skin.  When I started drinking more water and cut out sugary drinks, I was amazed at the transformation in the tone and texture of my skin.

Water is essential for your body to run efficiently everyday. Without it you would lose energy, become severely dehydrated and not to mention experience dry and scaly skin.  Start your day with a glass of water after you wake up, and one before each meal.  And don’t forget your fruits and vegetables that make up part of your good nutrition and water intake.  All this benefits you in the end toward achieving weight loss and overall good health.

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