Self-Acceptance – Accept Yourself for who you Are

What leads you to compare yourself with someone else? There is nobody out there better than you. Lack of self-confidence causes us to compare ourselves with others, but we all have unique qualities and characteristics that we should focus on, rather than comparing ourselves to someone else and wishing we had theirs.

You were made to Perfection

God blessed each and everyone one of us with unique qualities. What was given to you was intended for you, and what he gave to someone else was intended for them. He intended YOU to be who you are. To the human eye and mind, nobody is perfect. But God made you perfect. He created you in perfection.

The funny thing is, while you are focused on comparing yourself to someone else, someone else is doing the same thing with you. While you might not like a particular quality or characteristic about yourself, someone is quietly admiring you for it.

Use Criticism to your Advantage

Don’t allow negative criticism to bring you down. Use it to your advantage. It is the best tool to help you improve. As a matter of fact talk to close friends and family members about the things they don’t like about you. Ask them questions, and let them help you to change and improve. Listen to their advice and find ways of your own to improve yourself. This is a lot better than looking at someone and wishing you were them or wishing you had their qualities.

Accept you for who you are

One of the greatest gifts God gave us is the power of choice. While you really cannot change your personality, you can change certain things about yourself if you so choose. If there is something about you, that you don’t like, just work on changing or improving it.

You can choose to hate yourself and keep thinking “if only I was like….”, or “I wish I was…”. Or you can choose to show off those qualities you were blessed with and use them to inspire others.

Self-improvement helps in the self-acceptance process. Change or improve the things about yourself that you are able to, and accept the things you are not able to change. Accept yourself for who you are and work on becoming the best you that you can be.


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